Automate and run a web app test in 15 minutes

CodeFuse Technology have developed great software for automating tests for websites and apps. They approached us to strengthen their online proposition to help boost sales. We spent a lot of time analysing their typical customer and mapping out the user journey we expect them to follow. Following this we created a fresh new design and greatly simplified their messaging.


CodeFuse’s previous site was overladen with messages. There was simply too much information presented to the user at once which made the experience overwhelming and confusing. We carefully broke down their core proposition into a series of soundbites and displayed them alongside friendly icons on the homepage.


The custom design was created to be crystal clear across all devices. Needless to say, it was important for a technology company to have a website that impressed !

Friendly and professional approach. Great design, we had regular communication and they made sure we were pleased with the end result

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