Intelligent Environments


Intelligent Environments are one of the UK’s most innovative companies, providing digital banking solutions to most of the big name banks. The Kingston based company hit the press recently for launching the world’s first “Internet of Things” banking platform as well as the first emoji passcode.

Needless to say, they wanted a website that supported their impressive credentials.

50/50 desktop/mobile

Research on IE’s historic visitor statistics showed a relatively even split between desktop and mobile users. It was therefore critical to spend equal time optimising the experience for both audiences.


We held a workshop with IE’s senior management to agree how the site would be structured.

Using their business objectives and previous user behaviour stats we recommended an intuitive structure with only 4 key items in the main navigation. This kept the header very clean. The mobile version of the site, as seen here, has even fewer elements in the header compared to the desktop version to reflect the smaller screen size.


We have created branded video brochures for a few clients, however touch screen technology has reached a price point that makes it affordable to include in these very effective direct marketing pieces! These have been a huge hit with IE’s clients.

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