London according to Kat

Katya Surudina – or Kat – is well known amongst her financial services clients for recommending bars and restaurants in London.  To help her knowledge reach a wider audience we built KatMap; a web app that allows you to search for restaurants and bars based on your current location, or by entering a specific place or postcode.


Mobile first

We expect most visitors to use the website on the move so we designed it primarily for mobile devices, giving it an ‘app like’ feel. However, it looks great on desktop too.

Here you see the filters that you can use to refine your search.

A map marker … with ears

We explored a number of different routes for KatMap’s logo, but arrived at a simple concept – a map marker with cat ears! We use the same marker on the website’s map to indicate where the bars and restaurants are.

For the site’s colour palette we researched competitor sites in order to find something that would help differentiate KatMap. We think that the ‘food colours’ that we chose help give the site quite a unique identity.

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