Lofts & Extensions

Don’t move extend

If you live in West London you’re probably aware of Lofts and Extensions aka ‘don’t move extend’. Their great marketing has helped L&E become one of the largest independent building firms in the UK. However, they realised that though their marketing worked their current website did not; it was letting down their customer journey. Their new website has been carefully crafted to better convert their online leads into sales.


L&E take professional photographs of many of their projects in order to show off the quality of their work in the best possible light.

We soon realised that prospects use these photos, along with customer testimonials, to both help make their purchase decisions and provide inspiration for their projects.

Therefore it was critical that the photos were shown prominently throughout the site, and looked perfect across desktop, tablet and mobile. Our bespoke website design allowed for this giving L&E just the result they were looking for.

Blueflamingo sought to understand our business and typical customer before creating our stunning new website

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