Sequence Care Group

Making life happier, safer and richer…

… for the people who stay in Sequence’s care homes across the country is at the very heart of everything they do. Their previous website was tired, lacked energy and was not meeting this goal.  We kicked off the project, as we often do, with a 1/2 day on site workshop where stakeholders from right across the company took part in a number of exercises to reveal the objectives, key tasks, design trends

Listen to your customers’ data

Using historic visitor data to influence how you prioritise your site’s content is critical. We analysed over 3 years of visitor data from Sequence’s old website. It was clear that the most important content for visitors was around the individual care homes: Where are they? What are the staff like? Which services are offered? What do they look like inside? Do they have vacancies?

Therefore on the new site we allow visitors to search by area and service to find a shortlist of care homes right from the homepage, then provide extensive detail for each care home. This content includes staff profiles, galleries of photos and interactive walkthroughs.

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