Blue Flamingo is delighted to announce that it has completed a complex data integration project for IPSX, the first property stock exchange, to help power investment decisions. Over the past year Blue Flamingo been working with IPSX to ready their website for displaying information on the first securities admitted to trading. The exchange enables asset owners to raise capital and for investors to invest in companies that own individual real estate assets.

In 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved IPSX as a recognised investment exchange. It is a mandatory requirement for an exchange to make trading and financial data on the instruments traded on it available to investors, so developing a robust solution to meet this requirement was critical.

The website that Blue Flamingo has built integrates and displays data from multiple sources, including real time pricing information and details on the underlying assets including photos. The property related data is provided daily by GoldenSource, alongside the real time trading data, which includes pre and post trade transparency data, provided by QuantHouse and Morningstar.

Over the next few months, further data will be incorporated into the website, including income analytics on tenants and property market research, all designed to help investors with their investment decisions.

The data displayed on can also be made available to asset owners to display on their own websites via a dedicated API.

Mark Francis, joint founder of Blue Flamingo commented “This has been a great project to work on. Stock Exchanges are difficult and complex pieces of capital markets infrastructure and bringing together multiple data sources together was a challenging task. The approach we took meant that testing data was paramount and we are pleased that work has paid off with the completion of the project”

David Beevers, Head of Operations said “We were very pleased to work with Blue Flamingo and all our technology and data partners in the delivery of our website. It is fundamental to our business success that the website is robust and provides accurate data.”

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