At Blue Flamingo, we offer PPC services in West London that focus on helping our clients manage their campaigns to meet company goals. Our team consists of learned professionals with years of experience who are fully capable of monitoring, optimizing, and managing your campaigns to offer considerable improvements.

Pay-Per-Click Information A pay-per-click (PPC) model involves directing internet traffic to a specified website using advertisements on other websites and directories. A winning PPC campaign requires continuous monitoring and management because of the many factors that are involved, including click-through rate and quality score. A mismanaged campaign may lead to a misused budget that loses a company money or an ineffective series of ads that doesn’t bring in the numbers you want and deserve. With proper management by Blue Flamingo, PPC can instead bring in a steady stream of potential customers who are excited about and interested in your services or products. In addition, we can ensure that your company gets the online exposure you need to bring in more viewers.

PPC Advertisements

Ad campaigns based on PPC are increasingly popular and have become a standard marketing strategy over the last decade. The reason behind that is that they have shown effectiveness in increasing the online presence of a company, no matter the industry. Some statistics that demonstrate the importance of PPC services in West London are as follows:

- The top three paid ad spots get 46% of the clicks on a search engine page
- 78% of companies spend the most money advertising through Google
- Mobile devices account for 52% of paid search clicks

PPC Management

With the changes that Google has made, paid searches are no longer distinguishable from regular ads by the background color. Also, remarketing services have made it harder to reach desired organic positions. Finally, mobile searches are on the rise in many industries and will likely continue to grow. A more educated base of consumers and advertisers has led to a decline for SEM advertising campaigns. On the other hand, PPC management is going nowhere but up. Blue Flamingo does everything possible to provide you an increase in traffic and at a competitive rate.

PPC Key Elements

Keywords and keyword phrases are an important aspect of PPC campaigns and choosing the right keywords is crucial. At Blue Flamingo, we consider many factors when choosing the right keywords for your needs. These include relevance to your website, popular searches by your target audience, cost per click as it aligns to your budget and keywords your competitors are utilizing. In addition, our PPC services in West London look at ad extensions that can expand your message without raising costs. We are aware that it is important to make the most of every advertisement, so our professionals are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and format changes. This can be a major challenge when it comes to managing your PPC campaign, and we take care of it for you.

Choosing Blue Flamingo

Blue Flamingo offers premier PPC services in West London via full-time PPC management services utilizing the most modern technology. Our services give our clients the ability to be constantly aware of how the campaign is progressing, as well as the capability to see what changes have been made to provide a more efficient campaign.