Determining the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign is an important part of creating exciting and engaging marketing material that delivers a solid return on investment (ROI). Conversely, fragmented data pictures, differences in reporting and interpreting information and the myriad tools that supply important data can make this process complex.

Here are a few ways you might choose to measure the success of your next campaign. For some additional clarity, as campaign measurement can be so complicated, these methods can be placed into one of two distinct categories: website behaviour and conversions. Additionally, it is important to work with a team that specializes in web design and, thus, in this case, web design services in Kingston will be a good pick for you.

Website behaviour

There are a variety of ways website behaviour data can help you to determine whether your latest campaign is effectively driving the results you expected to see.

Bounce rates

If most of your visitors are hitting the back button immediately after landing on your site, it is highly likely that there is a significant disconnect between your landing page and your marketing strategy that needs addressing. Partnering with an experienced team specialising in web design in Kingston can help you to create strong campaign landing pages that will translate into tangible benefits for your business.

Time spent on site

It is one thing to successfully channel valuable traffic towards your website but quite another to hold the attention of these visitors long enough to persuade them that you have the information, products and/or services they are looking for. Engaging landing pages with an effective internal linking structure that will take visitors directly to other pages on your website that will be of interest to them will increase the time spent interacting with your business; in turn, this will make them more likely to convert later.


A conversion occurs when a visitor or customer takes a specific action as a direct result of your digital marketing efforts. Conversions are more closely linked to sales than website behaviour metrics. As increasing your profits is likely to be an important business goal, ensuring your digital marketing delivers the tangible results you need to see here is essential.

Web form leads

Integrating a relevant form into every high-traffic page on your website will help you to capture valuable information from your visitors that you will be able to use later in your marketing funnel. Campaign landing pages must be fully optimised to both provide your visitors with the information they are looking for and collect as much valuable data as possible. Highlighting your quote service, promoting your mailing list or offering a free download in exchange for an email address will enable you to nurture your captured leads and more effectively convert them into happy customers.

Understanding how to accurately measure campaign success takes the guesswork out of digital marketing and ensures you have the information you need to continue to shape powerful campaigns that will demonstrably benefit your business over both the short and longer term.