Lloyds Banking Group

Touch screen video brochures

Lloyds Banking Group approached us as they had seen the branded touch screen video brochures that we had created for other clients. They needed a branded, engaging, portable device to train clients on their software systems. Our video brochures were the perfect solution.

We annually supply over 1000 units supporting 5 products across their Lloyds Bank and Bank Of Scotland brands.

Affordable touch screen technology

Touch screen technology is much cheaper than it was when the first iPads were launched, making it appropriate for use in direct marketing pieces such as our video brochures. For Lloyds, each set of video brochures has the contents printed on the left hand flap and forward/back and pause buttons on the screen to the right.

“The video brochures have been well received so far from all areas of the business. In particular, client facing colleagues have been really positive.”

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