Ensure your website is well researched and in-depth

When giving your website a refresh, it is important to look at producing a site that not only gives your customers reasons to visit again but also helps it to reach the top of the all-important search engine rankings. Whether you choose to focus on blog posts, vlogs or podcasts, get your web design in Kingston team to produce a site that can accommodate regularly refreshed content. Well-written content that is regularly updated gives visitors a reason to return and is looked upon favourably by the search engine algorithms.

Automate the mailing list

Email has long been recognised as a hugely effective marketing tool, both in terms of reach and cost-effectiveness. More than ever before, an email can reach a prospective customer at any time of day, providing you with a link to them wherever they are.

Use the technology that exists to automate email campaigns, taking the grunt work out of the marketing. Email sequences for new and potential customers can help to convert leads and cement relationships, whilst different sequences can be used for inactive or even frequent customers, helping to cater effectively to different segments of your market.

Cover the socials

Many businesses are only on social media platforms because they feel it is something that everyone else does and they shouldn’t miss out. Get ahead of these more passive competitors by understanding the power of social media.

Focus on a couple of social media platforms that fit with your sector and use these to build a rapport with your audience with regular posts – at least once per day on each platform. For example, a jeweller or fashion designer would be very well served by the primarily visual nature of Instagram.

Social media posts should educate or entertain your audience, providing reasons for them to engage with you or even to share your content to extend your reach and potentially gain some viral traction.

Influencers are not all bad

There has been a popular movement over the past couple of years to shame influencers who are seemingly looking for a free ride in return for a post or Tweet; however, as a marketing strategy, collaborating with high-profile influencers in your field can provide a great boost to any campaign.

If this is an avenue you wish to explore, seek out influencers who are active in your sector and with your target market. Not only should these influencers be relevant to your product but also they should have a healthy subscriber count. These subscribers should be engaged with the influencer, commenting on and sharing their work.

The best thing about social media platforms is that a business can easily find out all these things about an influencer by clicking on their account and posts before reaching out to them.