When looking to create or upgrade a website for your business it is helpful to explore the latest web design trends companies are currently following.

If you are considering a refresh of your business pages, taking them towards your 2020 vision, knowing and embracing some of the hottest trends can help to give you the edge. Whether you are designing your site yourself or contracting a local firm for your web design in Teddington, London or any location, these ideas can help to make your site look fresh and contemporary.

Asymmetrical Pages

Many web pages are based along similar lines, with a great sense of symmetry. Similarly, the sites are built using an invisible grid which helps to align and display content in a uniform fashion. Breaking away from this more traditional style is a bold step, helping to set your site apart from your competitors. Experiment by breaking the grid and embracing some asymmetry to provide a more fluid and dynamic design to your web pages.

Organic Elements

More websites are beginning to embrace a less geometrically perfect design brief. Rigid shapes such as squares and circles are giving way to far more organic looking design elements with smooth and fluid lines, giving a real sense of style to web pages. Using shapes based on elements found in nature or the edges of a torn piece of paper can add humanity to a page, in turn helping it to look far less designed and far more natural and organic.

Nostalgia May Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be

As we approach the third decade of the new millennium, many web designers are taking a look back to some of the earliest trends in web design to learn from the true pioneers of the profession. Whilst modern sites are not bound by the same limitations in hardware and connection speed, learning from the past can help your site look forward. Whether experimenting with font choices and colour schemes or looking at the placement of icons and text around the screen, learning from innovators from the dot-com boom era can help to give a fresh look to sites.

Be Sparing with the Colour

Having millions of colours at your disposal can hurt the creativity involved in producing a website. Limiting the colour palette to one or two colours can make for an eye-catching site that sticks in clients’ minds long after it has been browsed. An absence of colour with sparing accents can produce highly effective web design and look striking on all manner of devices.

Experimental Navigation

Navigation is a vital part of any site. Experimenting with the way in which users engage with it can help to make your site more usable as well as more memorable.

Your local experts in web design in Teddington or any London location will be able to advise you on the best way to implement any of these trends into your own site to help drive more traffic your way.