Web design encompasses the different disciplines and skills that your website needs for maintenance and production. This includes interface design, web graphic design, search engine optimisation and user experience design.

Websites can account for as much as 60 percent of business sales, becoming the most efficient digital tool to drive sales.

Why do I need a web designer?

Web design is one of the most vital aspects of your online presence, and it can be difficult to understand. Your website is similar to a sales representative; it is the digital face of your business, and it must make a good first impression.

Specialists in web design in Teddington will have awareness of usability, web accessibility, and the right web design that works for your business.

When web design works successfully, it provides your customers with answers without needing to contact a sales team. With honest testimonials, prices, lists of services, products and contact information clearly visible, the likelihood of the customer purchasing from your business increases.

Mistakes in web design

– Lack of clarity

Clarity is particularly important on your website. If a visitor comes across your page, it must give a clear and concise vision of what your company does. A web designer can create a website that has the right amount of information for visitors, where they can easily access all the information they need.

– Buttons

Text links can be much simpler for your audience to use rather than buttons, load faster, and are easily recognisable by search engines. A web designer can create simple and easy links for your website that are visible on all devices.

– Old fashioned design

Too many different colours, blocks of text and fonts can create a disjointed image. A chaotic and cluttered homepage will drive visitors away and onto a competitor’s site. A company specialising in web design in Teddington can help create the perfect website for your business.

Comprehensive branding, testimonials and social media links are necessities for business websites.

– No search bar

A search bar makes websites much easier for the user to navigate, where information on products can be easily found.

– Drop down menus

A drop-down menu often faces glitches when viewed on mobile devices, and can lack precision.

Your website is a vital lead generation channel, and ignoring its potential can negatively impact your business. Putting your website first is critical in generating new, potential customers and generating sales.

Web designers know how to publish content on websites that is visible on search engines, driving visitors to your business website and a website is a particularly useful way to understand your audience. With many marketing metrics and social media insights, a web designer can help you really know your customers.

A website designer will create a site for your business that is easy for your customers to use and navigate easily to what they are looking for. Investing in quality web design will ensure your site is packed with relevant information.