A memorable identity

We created a clean, memorable corporate identity for CloudX. The brand quickly become well known within the industry across the world. The “X” is easily recognisable and can be used independently of the logo text as a stand alone icon.


CloudX is the first and only global distribution market aimed at professionals in the mobile device industry. Blueflamingo were appointed to build and execute a marketing plan to launch the service. As well as the marketing we developed the CloudX brand, website, print and other digital assets.


A website was developed which also acted as the portal for clients to log into the trading system itself.  As many of CloudX’s trading clients are on the move, and using their mobile devices, it was critical that the content displayed perfectly no matter what.

Personalised video cards

One of the most successful components was our direct mail strategy and in particular, the ‘video cards’ sent out to prospects. These A5-sized video cards played a series of videos informing the recipient about CloudX’s proposition and included personalised login details that encouraged recipients to take the next step and experience the CloudX platform directly. 

Conferences – no better way to engage customers

An important part of launching CloudX was engaging with customers face to face. Industry events were therefore key, as the team could give live demos and sign customers up on the spot. We managed these events from start to finish, including branding the event space to ensure consistency across all CloudX’s other assets. 


Our brand is now well known throughout the industry and we even won a prestigious Mobile News award for our marketing – it’s like the Oscars for our industry!

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