A slow website can adversely affect the user experience and cause users to leave. There are some common reasons that can be avoided by using highly regarded providers in commissioning web design in London.

How to improve your site speed?

A professional web design company in London will have the knowledge and experience required to design an optimised site or to identify and fix the causes of a slow site. But what sort of things might cause your site to be slow?

1. Using un-optimised images can cause a website to load slowly, especially when users may be using mobile internet with variable speeds. If no regard is given to the size, or number, of images on a web page then the page load speed will be adversely affected.

Firstly, images should be compressed to reduce file size. Additionally, serving different sized images based on the device that is being used is another way for your designer to help reduce loading time – along with specialist programmatic techniques which control how the webpage loads its assets.

2. Hosting your website on shared hosting means sharing server resources with other websites, which can slow things down. The only thing that can fix this is better hosting. Web designers will know which hosting your website is best suited to and either supply or recommend the right service to get the best results.

3. Using too many plugins on WordPress sites is a common cause of slow loading as many include code that isn’t really needed. Selecting plugins carefully and switching those that cause unused code to load is the way in which web designers would tackle the problem. They will also rely upon fewer plugins thanks to their technical abilities.

4. Heavy-weight themes often cause a site to load slowly as they can be poorly coded and laden with functionality you don’t need. The way around this is to select a lightweight premium theme or have your design team create a bespoke theme just for your site, only adding the assets you really need, using modern techniques, and adhering to the latest coding standards.

5. Failing to make full use of caching can contribute to slower page loading times. There are different types of caching in the browser and on the server, storing often loaded assets in cache memory to improve the load speed of the site. Your web design team will optimise caching to get the best possible performance.

Finding quality web design in London can help optimise your site

Our web design team will know what to do to ensure a fast website. They will optimise images, select the best plugins and themes, identify the most suitable web hosting, and set up caching to ensure that you get the best possible performance and deliver the best user experience possible for your site.