That feeling when you finally start seeing your hard work reflected in your search engine ranking position is almost unparalleled, which is why it can be so disheartening when a Google algorithm update hits and you find yourself being outranked by your closest competitors.

However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to minimise the negative impact of algorithm updates.

1. Research Updates

Whether you want to prepare for the next likely update or you need to address some issues that have arisen from a recent change to the algorithm, your first step should always be to use your research skills to understand exactly what already has or is expected to change.

2. Create an Action Plan

When you are armed with accurate information relating to the algorithm update, you can work on developing an action plan to ensure you are taking steps to put your site in the best possible position over the coming days and weeks.

Although it can be tempting to dive straight in and update every page on your website, this typically isn’t a great use of your time. So, to make sure you are investing time into things that will deliver positive outcomes, begin by asking yourself whether you can identify any clear patterns in the elements of your site that were affected and how you can make changes to ensure your site is aligned with what the algorithm update is addressing.

3. Approach Content Updates Strategically

As soon as you know what you need to do, it’s time to get started. The time it will take to implement those changes will depend on whether you have easy access to a content management system or whether you will need to get your developer to make key updates on the back end. Remember, search engines want to showcase trustworthy content that backs up every fact with insight and wisdom.

4. Silo Your Site

Maintaining high standards when it comes to the quality of your content. Content is key, but so is the way it is organised. SEO siloing strategies can be used to create relevance, which search engines look for when trying to understand which web pages are the best match for a search query. Additionally, siloing can also help to create top-quality user experiences, which easily makes it one of the most beneficial evergreen SEO strategies out there.

5. Invest in an SEO Audit

Too many people make the mistake of viewing SEO audits as a method of repair, however, they can also help to develop and refine your strategic approach to out-performing your competition and staying in those top SERP spots.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing in London

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