Incorporating a well-placed ‘click here’ button simply isn’t going to be enough to generate the quantity of quality leads you need to succeed in competitive digital marketplaces, so let’s look at a few tactics you might choose to employ. Partner with experts of web design in Richmond who will help you grow your business.

Forms and high-traffic pages

Look at where the majority of your outreach and traffic to your site is coming from and ensure that the pages your potential leads are landing on are thoroughly optimised and nurture their interest. If you see that a lot of your potential leads are clicking through from your Facebook page, for example, update the pages they are visiting with high-quality content that will hold their attention and encourage further on-site interaction.

Utilise calls-to-action

As your homepage is at the top of your marketing funnel, it is often a good idea to offer a free trial or highlight your email newsletter that will be sent on a recurring basis. Most consumers look for non-invasive browsing experiences; in many cases, they won’t be far enough along in their purchasing journey to be ready to make a financial commitment. Inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter for updates will provide you with the opportunity to share more about your brand and your products/services.

Connect your approach to design to your marketing goals

Marketing is the process of attracting the attention of potential customers; as such, connecting your approaches to marketing and web design will ultimately help you to maximise your conversion potential. Partnering with a team specialising in web design in Richmond can streamline this process, enabling you to devise powerful strategies and integrate innovative design features that will successfully capture and hold the attention of your target market.

Live chat

As technologies develop, the sophistication and capabilities of live chat services are constantly increasing. Equally, as they become more commonplace, consumers now expect to be able to engage with companies in this way to learn more about the brands they are thinking about purchasing from.

After auditing your content, it should be relatively simple to discern which pages your visitors are spending most of their time on. Integrating a live chat tool into these pages will give you the opportunity to offer additional assistance, thereby gaining insight into the needs of your visitors and supplying them with the information they need to move ahead on their purchasing journey.

User-friendly interface

If your website is too difficult or complex, your visitors are simply going to take their custom elsewhere. Eradicating technical glitches, ensuring that all buttons are clear and self-explanatory and removing distractions that compete with your content are essential, along with all other measures that will help you to avoid irritating or alienating your audience.

Adopting a strategic approach and working with an experienced creative team that understands your brand’s goals and objectives will ensure your website is fully optimised for effective lead generation.