Businesses in the modern world rely almost entirely upon their web presence. To have a strong online presence, you need to have a great web design. Here we are going to look at five of the top design tips to make sure your online presence is at the highest level.

Keep it simple and clean

When you start to build your website, keep in mind that the design should be as simple and clean as possible. Clutter on a website will put visitors off, as they won’t be able to concentrate on one area of the site. Adding in different and unique design elements are one way to get attention but overloading your site with them is a serious turnoff. Web design should be kept minimal, allowing visitors to navigate around your site easily and quickly.

Hire a professional

There’s an abundance of web designers out there – something that web design in Richmond has benefited from. Although it is completely possible to create a professional looking site yourself, it may limit how much your website will add profits into your business. We recommend looking at web design in Richmond for a bespoke web design service. Check out a web designers portfolio and see if their style matches your brand before hiring them.


Visitors to your site don’t want any hassle when trying to find your products and services. Whatever your business is offering people, you will more than likely have content on the site in the form of text. Content tends to be an afterthought when it comes to web design, but you should still focus on how you add it to the layout. Choose a legible font that is big enough, with the text broken down into manageable sections. This last point is incredibly important if you have a lot of text content on your website.

Unique visual elements

Less is more with web design but that doesn’t mean you can’t add in some really unique visuals. These help to portray your brand message a lot more clearly, and keep visitors interested in what’s going on with your business. Choose from a hero image or carousel gallery which are both simple ways of helping visitors learn what your business does without overloading them with information.


One of the most important parts of web design for a better online presence is how responsive it is. Visitors who have to spend more than five seconds waiting for a website to load will click away from it, increasing your bounce rates and damaging your potential profits. You should also make sure your mobile site is completely responsive and looking great as well, as more than half of all website visitors will be using a smartphone or tablet to view your site. Having a mobile-friendly and responsive website with low bounce rates are a big deal with Google, boosting your ranking and increasing your online presence.