Your website looks great, displays seamlessly across all browsers and devices and your SEO has been fine-tuned to within an inch of its life. And yet you’re still not seeing the returns that you anticipated.

It can be all too easy to overlook some of the elements that make your website a desirable place for visitors to interact and engage with, so if you’re not sure what to do about low conversion rates, it’s well worth checking that your site isn’t guilty of any of the following errors, any of which could compromise its effectiveness.

1 Not mobile responsive

With well over half of all online searches now taking place on smartphones and tablets, the lack of a mobile responsive website is an extremely grave error. We’ve been involved in web design in Richmond and throughout the UK for many years, so we’ve seen the slow and steady shift towards smartphone searches growing year on year, and this is a state of affairs that’s set to continue. So the message is clear – ensure that smartphone and tablet users get the same great online experience as your desktop and laptop users, and ensure that your site gets the attention that it deserves.

2 Lack of UX design

All good websites these days are based on providing visitors with the best possible user experience, hence UX design is an essential element that should never be ignored. Far too many website owners tailor their sites to their own tastes, rather than considering their visitors’ needs.

3 Inconsistency

An effective website should be completely consistent throughout every page, but far too many sites ignore this, mixing and matching elements throughout pages, which creates a cluttered and jarring look and feel. And it isn’t just annoying for your visitors – a lack of consistency raises doubts in the visitor’s mind about whether your website is even genuine, and in an era in which digital scams are all too common, lack of trust is the kiss of death for conversion rates. So go through your site, ensuring that fonts, colours and page layouts remain constant throughout.

4 No CTA

Are you clear about what you expect from visitors once they arrive at your website? Are you hoping that they’ll purchase a product, request a quote, download an e-book or white paper, or sign up to a newsletter? It’s crucial that you have a clear call to action, making it easy for your visitors to engage with your brand. We don’t just create stunning web design in Richmond, we also specialise in marketing too, which helps us to create CTAs that really resonate with your visitors.

5 Lack of contact information 

Lack of transparency leads to lack of trust, so if you expect your visitors to view you as a reputable brand, it’s vital that you make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Contact details need to be clearly displayed, either on each page or through highlighted links on your site’s navigation.