A guide on how to choose the best web designer when you’ve made the decision to build a new website for your business. 

Have you recently made a decision to get a brand new website but don’t know how to choose the best web designer to suit your needs? It’s difficult to know how to choose the right company to work with you on building your new website. Here is our guide on how to choose the best web designer and get a brilliant website. 

Do Your Research

The best place to start is by doing your research. Find agencies and companies with a website that you like the look of and that has appealing branding.

You need to think about what your needs are as well. Do you just need a website or will you also need marketing and technical support as well? This sort of thing is often forgotten when building a website, but once the site goes live, how will you know which way you want to market it or if there are any technical problems?

If you want all of these services, make sure you choose the company that offers you web design alongside a range of different other services. 

Browse Their Website 

Looking at the website of the prospective web designer is a great indicator of what their design and style is. Make a note of whether the website is appealing to the eye and if it has innovative and up-to-date features. It’s all right if the brand and style of the site don’t reflect what you want. The important thing to note is the standard of the design and if the website has ease of use for visitors. 

Look at Sites They’ve Built

Many web designers will have a portfolio that you can browse through to see what other sites they’ve built in the past. Take a look and see if any have the same sort of design and style that you want for your company. You want to choose a web designer who has worked with many different companies in different industries. This means they bring a great range of skills and knowledge to the table with them. 

Give them a Call 

Building a website can take quite a lot of time, so the company you choose to work with need to be a good fit for you because you’ll be working alongside them for a while. Give them a call and pay attention to how they handle the call. Are they asking about what your specific business and marketing goals are? You want to work with a web designer that is actually interested in your business and will engage with you. The customer service and people you talk to reflect on the whole personality of the web design company

Once you’ve chosen the right fit, make sure they’re the right company for you by meeting with them.