The creation of a great landing page can be a really tough process. Not only does the page need to look good, but it also needs to communicate your brand’s message to bring in new business. It’s already hard to get people visiting your website, and it may be even harder to keep their attention once they’re there. Here are some landing page tips from leading web designers to keep visitors engaged on your page.

Keep the Layout Clean

Having a cluttered layout will drive people away from your site. Look at your design from a visitor’s standpoint. Dense blocks of text and overloads of images are really a turn-off for potential conversion.

Instead, use text and visuals in unison so that they work together to reinforce your overall message. Your ethos and message just get lost with a messy design. So make sure to cut out all of the unnecessary clutter. Make sure that message comes through loud and clear.

Grab Their Attention and Keep It 

The content you have on your landing page will either make it or break it. It’s this incredibly important first impression that leads to conversions. Choose great bold images, inspirational quotes and even dynamic videos to keep your visitors scrolling. Just ensure that everything is organised logically so that the content keeps a person’s attention and doesn’t lose it.

Never forget the purpose of a landing page. You want people to take one action and then to convert that to a sale. Having too many calls to action and a lot of distractions on the page will only lead to visitors losing interest, and you losing that all-important sale.

Design Your Page for Your Audience 

Your landing page should speak to your audience in a language they can relate to. Do some research into what kind of speech and idioms your audience would appreciate the most. The tone and language of a site are what speak to your audience. So adopting a similar style and tone will help you to stand out from the crowd and get those conversions.

For example, if you have a Richmond-based business, knowing about web design in Richmond can really help your site flourish. Doing research about web design in Richmond will show who your audience is and how you can relate to them with your landing page.

Make It Easy for Visitors to Act

Call to actions that work the best are the ones that are easy to act upon. Nobody wants to scroll all of the way through a busy landing page to sign up to whatever you’re offering. So don’t make it that way. Your call to action should involve as little effort as possible to draw in those conversions.

Using all of these tips, you can build a landing page that will stand apart from the competition and help to boost your conversions.