Python is an extremely popular choice amongst the programming and web development communities. Many now choose this over the more traditional options such as Java and C++.

The main advantages of Python for web development are discussed below.

Low learning curve:

Even though it is a programming language, Python is surprisingly easy to learn. This is mainly down to the simple syntax that it uses.

Ease of use:

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Python is that it is regarded as far easier to use for web projects than some other programming languages. It allows for the creation of easily understandable reports and a simple but effective visual presentation of data. Python also offers high readability to developers and the easily understandable code means improved communication and knowledge sharing between those involved in a project.

Unrivalled flexibility:

Python is an extremely flexible programming language that doesn’t have as many constraints as others. It is able to integrate with a number of other languages and create smarter performance and implementation. CPython, (Python with C), IronPython (Python and .NET), and PyObjc (Python with ObjectiveC) are all examples of this.

Great for AI and Machine Learning:

Python is regarded as the top language for projects that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). It has great data visualisation capabilities, efficient ML packages, and impressive data analysis features.

Significant library and community:

Python’s libraries are packed with pre-written code meaning that developers rarely need to start from scratch or create basic items. These libraries also enable the continuous data processing that is required for Machine Learning (ML). There is also a huge community of Python experts/users which is a superb resource.

Despite all the pros outlined above, Python does have a few limitations.


Since it is an interpreted programming language, Python is a little slower than some other popular programming languages.

Limited threading:

Python’s Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) does not allow the execution of more than one thread at any given time. This results in significant limitations.


As well as being an advantage, Python’s simplicity is also a key drawback. The programmers who are used to Python’s simple syntax often find it hard to get to terms with languages such as Java that use more complex syntax.

The web developer community is still divided over the effectiveness of Python for building websites, yet the above makes it clear that there are significantly more pros than cons. It is becoming the key language behind multiple websites covering travel, entertainment, administration, social media, education, healthcare, and enterprise.

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