There are reasons why a business should combine their desktop and mobile sites for better usability across all devices.

Every website should be mobile-friendly. Before it was perfectly acceptable and quite common to have two separate sites, but now this is more limited and more expensive to keep up, so the combination of the two is a much better option.

Here we are going to look at the reasons why a business should have a mobile-friendly website and why Google is now recommending it.

Better Google Rankings

Back in 2015 Google updated its algorithms so that having a combined mobile and desktop web design will rank higher than having them separate or not having one at all.

Everyone Uses Mobile

Most websites these days are accessed using a mobile device, whether that be a phone or a tablet. By not investing in a mobile site, you could potentially be taking away sales and leads from your business.

A Better User Experience

Using services for web design in Richmond has resulted in a better user experience for the visitor. Someone who is visiting your site is much more likely to stay there and continue to browse if the website is easily viewed on their mobile. Desktop sites don’t display properly on a phone, meaning that a visitor is much more likely to get fed up and leave the site within the first few seconds. If you are experiencing a large drop-off in website visitors, speak to someone who is expert in web design in Richmond to find out why.

Loading Speeds Are Faster

Google has a standard that recommends content being loaded on a mobile device should be available in under a second. The whole page itself should be visible in under two seconds.

This very speedy version of a website is something very uncommon with desktop sites, but mobile sites are much quicker at loading. When a visitor has to wait a long time for a web page to load, there’s more of a chance you will lose their interest and their custom altogether.

Decreases Bounce Rates

If you have a website that doesn’t seem to be working across any platform and the bounce rates are high, it’s going to be a big problem for your business. A separate mobile site can result in higher bounce rates, because the content for a mobile site is often the stripped-down version of the desktop one. Having a combined mobile and desktop site takes all of the relevant information from the desktop site and displays it on mobile devices in a functional way. This will keep your visitors engaged with the site and also really helps with high bounce rates.

Mobile browsing is the most popular way to view websites, and it will only continue to rise. Having a combined mobile and desktop site is definitely the way to go if you want to save your business time and money.