Every business needs an effective website. Not only is this the hub of your online marketing but also you will not see any kind of significant results in terms of sales and conversions without one. By not redesigning your website, you could be losing money every single day. Here some signs that it is time to redesign your website.

Your website is not generating sales

If your website is not generating conversions, it is time to consider a redesign. Your website may be generating traffic; however, it is a big problem for your business if your visitors are not converting. This is a sign that your website is missing something that is clearly turning your visitors off.

There is no conversion funnel

Conversion funnels are the different stages a visitor has to go through to convert into a sale. Effective web design in Teddington proves that conversion funnels are the key to a website’s success. Make sure you know how people travel through your site, starting from your home page.

The overall design is outdated

If you have not redesigned your website in a long time, you are definitely going to be putting visitors off. As time goes by, your visitors’ preferences and tastes change. You have to identify your audience and go with their style. Your website will never truly be finished; instead, keep making improvements for effective web design in Teddington.

Your website creates a poor first impression

First impressions are lasting impressions – someone only has to be on your site for three seconds to form their impression. If your website is not making a great first impression within this timeframe, it is more than likely that you are missing out on big opportunities.

The website comes across as not credible

If your website looks a bit sketchy, people may be turned off because it seems untrustworthy. People won’t buy things from a site if they do not know who you are and you do not demonstrate credibility. Poor website design can cause this negative feeling.

High bounce rates

Bounce rates are the statistics of how many visitors are navigating away from your site after only viewing it briefly; basically, this means they are leaving pretty much as soon as they arrive. Using an analytics tool will help you to figure out your bounce rate.

Depending on your industry, a normal bounce rate is between 40 and 50 percent. Your goal should always be to have a low bounce rate; the lower the bounce rate, the more visitors are staying on your page and the higher your sales and conversions will be. Great web design can help you to lower your bounce rate.

When thinking about your website redesign, make sure that you are seeing it through the eyes of the people who are visiting it. If you need help with web design, hire a designer to really optimise and update your site.