Web design constantly evolves and changes, in both terms of functionality and art, reflecting its role in society. Web design represents the evolution of changing desires, technology and style of the time. Web design can also be viewed from a technological point of view, where it has become a huge part of the lives of everyday people across the globe. It is difficult to imagine the Internet now without different styles of background, typography, music and animated graphics.

Design changes with remarkable speed, and if you wish to stand out from the crowd, you must keep up with web design trends. Here are the newest trends to help get your site noticed.


Unlike the websites of the past, web design is no longer limited to only a few different fonts. You can utilise typography to ensure your brand looks more dynamic and compelling. Bold lettering and large typefaces are current trends in web design to create a more modern feel.

Do not limit your website’s creative appearance to just the logo; rather consider how you could convey the voice of your brand over the entirety of your website to create brand continuity and identity. Consider hiring a firm specialising in web design in Teddington to create the perfect site for your brand.

Hero Imagery

2018 is all about bold, big images, and to stay ahead of this trend, consider how you could utilise images on your site. Hero images give your site a clear focus point and direct your users where to look.

One word of caution, however, is to ensure the image is responsive for users using a mobile device. The image must be clear and not obscure your entire site when viewed by mobile.

Hero imagery is often featured on sleek, modern websites; however, some sites look old-fashioned with outdated headers and fonts. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and choose something that will really make your website stand out by consulting with a company that specialises in web design in Teddington.

Semi-Flat Design

A dynamic theme featuring flat design creates an engaging user experience and is particularly eye-pleasing. A good example of this is websites that feature flat sets of buttons which respond to the scroll of a mouse. They appear as flat tiles, but as the mouse scrolls over them, each button is emphasised.

Video Features

Video has become an extremely important feature in websites, but you may be struggling to connect it onto your own site. Consider what will add value to your website for your users, and deliver this in a video format.

For example, if you recommend a particular payment method, make a video showing your users how to use it. You could even give a demonstration or walk through of your website and how to use it.

Investing in web design expertise will have a positive effect on your site, traffic and bottom line revenue. Learn from other industries and sectors to make your website look more unique. Keep in mind that all the customers that visit your site will also visit other sites when browsing the Internet, so smart design can make users feel quickly familiar with your site before they read on about your products or services.