Whether your company is a brand-new startup or a long-established concern that has been trading for decades, it is possible to drive your business forward and increase profits through the use of customer testimonials.

Why customer testimonials matter

Social proof is an important aspect of any marketing campaign today; in fact, it is something that has been influencing prospective customers for as long as businesses have been operating. At its heart is the idea that we all tend to follow the herd.

Imagine that you are walking down a high street, which is packed with restaurants and cafes, in search of somewhere to stop for lunch. Will you pick a restaurant that is completely deserted or will you opt for the busy diner that is packed with seemingly satisfied customers?

The majority of us would choose the busy restaurant on the basis that so many customers simply can’t be wrong. Meanwhile, the deserted restaurant seems to be a bad choice; after all, if it were any good, other people would be enjoying the food on offer.

We all tend to follow the crowd, trusting in the wisdom of the majority, and the internet has only served to emphasise this point. When most of us are considering purchasing a product online, we are almost certain to study reports from previous customers, basing our judgment on the majority opinions; in fact, according to a recent report by Search Engine Land, a staggering 85 per cent of consumers reported that they look at around 10 reviews before deciding whether a business is trustworthy.

How to harvest customer testimonials

We like to think that we create some of the finest web design West London has seen, but this is far from the end of our talents. We are also dab hands at marketing, so we know exactly how to entice prospective customers to engage with your brand. One of the best ways of doing this, in our experience, is to ensure that previous satisfied customers leave an endorsement on your website for other people to see.

One of the most obvious ways of encouraging people to leave a review is to send out an automated email soon after a customer has taken delivery of their goods. Your product and service are still uppermost in the mind of the customer and they are far more likely to provide a favourable review if the experience is still fresh in their memory.

An added incentive is to offer a discount against a future purchase in return for leaving a review, as this can encourage the consumer to tap out some favourable words on their computer. There are plenty of other ways to encourage satisfied customers to leave a review, although we are not going to give away all our marketing secrets in this blog!

If you would like to know more about gaining credibility through customer reviews, contact us at our web design West London studio to find out how we can help to drive your business forward.