So you’ve got a great business website that showcases your products and services to perfection. Your SEO is up to speed and your site features highly on the search engine results pages. Surely there’s nothing more to be done to promote your business?

Well actually, there is. You need to be utilising the incredible marketing opportunities offered by social media sites. It’s cost-effective and delivers some outstanding results, helping to boost sales and raise your business profile too.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

With so many social media sites now flourishing, it makes great business sense to utilise the various platforms on offer to promote your products and services.

Each platform has its own unique take on the subject, so whilst Facebook allows people to share details about their lives at length, Twitter is all about brevity, and Instagram is the site favoured by anyone who wants to share photos and images with their followers.

Choose the Appropriate Platform for Your Needs

It’s important to establish which platforms are most relevant to your business model, as concentrating your efforts on the right ones will yield much better results over time. But how do you know which is the best platform for your particular needs?

Your best option is to seek professional advice, at least when you first embark on a social media marketing campaign. From our web design Richmond studio we’ve watched as the various platforms have grown in popularity, and with our knowledge of marketing techniques we’ve been able to develop some tried and tested methods for raising business profiles online.

Social Media Works with Your SEO Campaign

For the best results, having one company dealing with your SEO requirements and your social media channels is the best all-round solution. This ensures that all elements of your marketing strategy will align, leading to a complete marketing solution that is guaranteed to raise your business profile for all the right reasons – and believe us when we say that we’ve seen all too many businesses hit the headlines for the wrong reasons!

Never forget that what goes online has a nasty habit of staying online, so any mistakes could haunt you for years to come, creating publicity for your company, certainly, but not the sort of publicity that any serious business owner would wish for.

An experienced marketing team, however, will work hard to make sure that your goods and services hit the spotlight at exactly the right time and in the right place to draw attention from interested parties. That’s an art in itself, and one that’s well worth paying for in terms of results.

Here at Blue Flamingo, we may be primarily known for web design Richmond-based and UK-wide, but we also offer a full marketing service too. Talk to us today about how we can help to raise your business profile the right way using social media marketing techniques that will allow your brand to rise head and shoulders above the competition.